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by RCG Chief Executive Officer Joel Rubin

When we read the January 4th issue of Inside Business, we saw the previous year pass before our eyes.

Of the magazine’s 15 top stories of 2015, we were involved in one way or another with seven.

(Inside Business lists each story one at a time on its website.)

#1 — Virginia Beach’s adoption of a series of agreements to allow construction of an 18,000-seat capacity arena near the Oceanfront. On behalf of developer ESG, we were involved practically from day one providing a host of services including: (more…)

As a full-service public relations firm, we can plan your news conference, send a press release or pitch story ideas. But we’re often in a meeting and clients don’t realize we can do so much more!


by Danny Rubin

E-newsletters are a marketing and public relations essential. In fact, I wrote a blog post in July called “7 Reasons Your Business Must Have an E-Newsletter.”

The seven reasons: