通过宏霸 首席执行官乔尔 Rubin

当我们读到1月4日th 的问题 内部业务, we saw the previous year pass before our eyes.

Of the magazine’s 15 top stories of 2015, we were involved in one way or another with seven.

(内部业务 每次列出一个故事 在其网站上.)

#1 — Virginia Beach’s adoption of a series of agreements to 允许 construction of an 18,000-seat capacity arena near the Oceanfront. 我代表开发者ESG, we were involved practically from day one providing a host of services including: (更多…)

At RCG, we pride ourselves on working well with others. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large corporation, nonprofit or small start-up in Virginia Beach, 诺福克, 切萨皮克或汉普顿路. Once you’re a client, you have our attention.

Sometimes clients come to us 和 have never worked with a professional 公共关系 agency. 或做任何有组织的营销. 在所有. These clients find us to be excellent teachers.


You called, emailed 和 asked us at events: is the “Lunch & 学习系列回来?




I’ve been married almost ten years to my husb和, 埃弗雷特, who is a lawyer in the Hampton City Attorney’s office. We have two kids, 杰克逊 (7) 和 Abby (3), who keep me very busy! Both sides of our family live on the Peninsula so we are blessed with an amazing support system. That’s actually how my husb和 和 I met – our gr和parents lived across the street from each other for 50 years!



My ten-year anniversary is coming up in October. I came to RCG as a newlywed after my first post-college job 和 started as an account manager. I had also studied 图形 as well as journalism 和 PR while at JMU, so I slowly started h和ling a few design projects here or there when I wasn’t doing 媒体关系. My job eventually evolved into creative director.

什么 do you love about 有创意的服务?
我喜欢这个过程. There’s something so fulfilling about taking a client’s 沟通 need 和 coming up with a creative solution from concept to design 和 execution. We work with some pretty spectacular Hampton Roads businesses 和 nonprofits so it makes me proud to see our hard work turn into a successful 网站, ad, 宣传册, 年度报告或广告牌.

什么’s a memorable project that sticks out to you? 为什么它会脱颖而出?
这是一个很难回答的问题. How do you narrow down ten years of work? If I had to choose something a little more recent, I’d probably say the 20-page magazine insert I designed last year for the Virginia Dental Association Foundation’s MOM project. It was the organization’s 15th anniversary 和 we worked hard to come up with a way to highlight the past, 组织的现在和未来. Over the years, the foundation have donated 数百万美元 of free dental care to Virginians 和 I wanted to do that gift justice. I really think we did — we got multiple compliments on the finished product!

How has creatives services 改变了 since you began at RCG? 什么保持不变?
当我刚开始在RCG工作时, I did mostly public 和 媒体关系, which means we outsourced the majority of our 平面设计 work. Digital printing was just gaining ground in our region, so we used mainly offset printers. If someone needed artwork that was too large to email, we burned a CD. Even our video equipment wasn’t digital! (This is starting to make me sound old)

什么 还没有 改变了? The quality of our work 和 the attention to detail. We work faster by having a designer right here in the office, plus turnaround times at the printer are quicker than they used to be.

什么’s the best piece of advice you give people about design as it relates to 市场营销?
An open line of 沟通 is key to good design. It is difficult to sit down with a client 和 gain an accurate assessment of their design needs if all they tell me is to “just make it pretty.” My best advice is to have samples of design work you like, have colors in mind 和 finish 你的 copy writing before you start on a project. And, know who 你的 audience is…we can take it from there.

I’m very active at CHKD because both of my kids were treated there. 杰克逊 was diagnosed at one with a childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma, 和 will be in remission for five years at the end of this month! 这真是难以置信. Abby was born prematurely 和 spent four months in the NICU. 当然,我想回馈社会. This is my third year serving on the NICU Family Advisory Council 和 I am also on the inaugural hospital-wide Advisory Council formed this year.

In addition to my volunteer work, I started a blog called “母性的奇迹” last July to be a resource for other families going through health issues. I honestly thought it would just be my mom 和 dad reading it, but my articles have been published on the Huffington Post over a dozen times, as well as other major online news sites. 我最喜欢的一些是 早产儿是摇滚明星的10个原因, 巨蟹座妈妈牢记的20件事永远不要猜测别人的意见.

什么’s it been like to work with 乔尔 for all these years? 你还是那么理智?
I have no idea how I haven’t been institutionalized by now! 所有要开玩笑, 乔尔 和 Sara Jo have been wonderful employers, 和 our team works really well together. The Rubins foster a creative, collaborative environment 和 these ten years have gone by in a flash.

As they say: time flies when you’re having fun.

By: 杰西卡Bensten

Here’s a humorous look at 平面设计, 和 why 你的 business 应该 be using a professional for 市场营销 和 公共关系 materials.

  1. Just because Microsoft Word, PowerPoint 和 Publisher 允许 你来设计,并不代表你来 应该. 放下文本框.
  2. Professional designers can help you avoid pitfalls with a printer. Ever had the most beautiful royal blue artwork come back as a 紫色的 宣传册? 我们知道该怎么做.
  3. Give 你的 ideas to a designer, 和 they can morph into something even better than you imagined.
  4. The shelf life of a good piece makes the investment worth it.
  5. 人们可以分辨出其中的区别. 邮寄一本精美的小册子? 你会停下来看它. 开车经过一个吸引人的广告牌? 你会咯咯地笑着回忆起来. And when 你的 professional, polished ad sits beside an amateur one in the newspaper, 人们的注意.
  6. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the resolution of a photo until it’s too late. That’s not the case when you work with professionals – they know what 300 dpi looks like.
  7. 你会为你的艺术作品感到骄傲. Instead of making excuses when you lay down the business card printed at home 和 apologizing that you don’t have “real cards” done yet…you’ll get compliments.
  8. When a charity asks you to forward a vector version of 你的 标志 to put on a banner or a high res PDF of the most recent ad…you’ll actually have all those things!
  9. When it comes to business, most people judge the book by its cover. 确保人们做出判断 你的 市场营销(我.e. 网站、宣传册、标志、广告等.在有利的情况下.
  10. We’ve been doing 平面设计 a long time. 信任我们.

For more information on how to get started with our professional creative team, call us at 456-5212 or RCG Creative 服务 Director 杰西卡Bensten at jessica@rubin沟通s.com.

We love when clients come to us with a great idea of their own. 这次是客户? 贝丝您好村.

RCG对Beth Sholom来说并不陌生. We’ve helped with miscellaneous 市场营销 和 公共关系 projects as well as designed materials for BSV for years. In fact, the entire Rubin family has longst和ing ties with the facility 和 residents; 乔尔 是前任总统,他和 丹尼 定期主持宗教活动.