How 对我们来说e a Company 博客 to Generate Business Leads

By 丹尼·鲁宾

I recently wrote the column below for my blog 赖以为生的新闻, which shows Millennials the career 建议 and leadership lessons “hidden” in the day’s top stories. The goal of a blog, in general, is to be as useful for the reader as possible.

在这篇文章, I give step-by-step instructions for writing critical work-related emails. My hope is that the reader will find all five email templates 非常有用的.

考虑一下你自己的公司博客. 你提供 真正的价值 as it relates to your area of expertise? What does your audience need to know? What are their questions, concerns and hangups? 你满足这个需求了吗?

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Here’s the opening section of the blog post:

5 Ready-to-Use Templates for Tricky Job Search 电子邮件s

1. 电子邮件 to set up a networking meeting

电子邮件 subject: Interested in Connecting


My name is ______, and I am [reason you know the person/reason you want to meet (i.e. “最近的毕业生”). 我希望你一切都好!

I am writing because I am interested in a job in the ______ field, and I want to learn more about the industry. I checked out your bio and see you have a lot of experience, particularly with [interesting tid-bit from the person’s LinkedIn resume or web bio].

简单介绍一下我的背景, I [2-3 highlights from your resume; only reference the parts that would matter to this person].

It would be great to chat with you by phone or grab coffee. I want to hear more about the work you do and ask questions.

Please let me know your availability over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks, and I look forward to talking with you.



笔记: Notice how this email is all about absorbing the other person’s knowledge. You’re not asking for a job or even a connection to one. 给,你要找的 建议. People love imparting wisdom so use the “建议” route to get the networking session (yep, 会议的四个步骤). Ya never know, maybe a job opportunity will stem from your conversation.

2. Thank-you email after a networking meeting



I want to thank you again for meeting with me 今天早些时候. I really appreciate your time and the information you passed along. [Use this next line to drop a detail from your interaction and prove you listened; for instance, “I can tell from our conversation you’re excited about your company and what’s on tap for 2014.”]

If the person has offered to pass along your resume, say…

我把简历附在这里. Please feel free to cc me on any emails, and I am happy to follow up.

If the person has no leads for you at the moment…

我把简历附在这里. Please let me know if anyone comes to mind I should contact. I am happy to send an email and introduce myself.

Thanks again, and have a great day.



笔记: The first line says “…for meeting with me 今天早些时候.” That’s because you should absolutely write a thank -you email the same day you met (用这个也无妨). Also, you should offer to be cc’ed on any future networking emails OR send an email on your own. Give the networker less to do on your behalf, and he/she will appreciate it.


希望, you see what I’m trying to do: provide valuable information that addresses a need (“How do I write these kinds of emails?”) in a format that’s easy to digest (a list post) and can be quickly shared online.

Sure enough, I put the column on the web and people began to share it on Twitter. 为什么? Because I met a need, a gap in the market.

完全. 这些邮件很有帮助.

考虑一下你自己的公司博客. What kind of insightful information could you provide that would catch someone’s attention? 帮助缓解担忧? This is what all the internet pros call content营销.

Use the deep understanding of your own business as a way to promote your services and expertise. A company blog is far more than a place to list latest hires and company events. 这是一种理想的营销手段, pending you take the time to think critically about the information you can offer to the outside world.

再一次, our team at Rubin Communications enjoys helping other companies get the most out of their blogs. Be helpful and valuable, and the blog might just bring you new business.